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Sealing Tools

Sealing Tools

These Strapping Sealing Tools are designed for use with pallet strapping. When the strapping is tightly held in place around the item being strapped with a Tensioner, these tools are use metal seals to clamp the strapping and hold it in place.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* Needs to be used in conjunction with a Tensioner
* Hand Operated
* Use with Serrated Seals for a better seal
* For use with Polypropylene or Polyester Strapping

Should you require a custom quantity not specified below, please give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to quote you.

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Name Pack Qty Pack Price Price (2+)Price (5+)Price (10+) Qty  
Kinetix KSP12 12mm 1 Tool £28.15 £26.74£25.33£23.92
Pacplus SGP12 12mm 1 Tool £32.55 £30.92£29.29£27.66
Pacplus SGP16 16mm 1 Tool £32.55 £30.92£29.29£27.66
Pacplus KNS16 16mm 1 Tool £43.62 £41.43£39.25£37.07
Pacplus KNS12 12mm 1 Tool £43.62 £41.43£39.25£37.07
Optimax PSH16 16mm 1 Tool £97.41 £92.54£87.66£82.79
Optimax PSH12 12mm 1 Tool £97.41 £92.54£87.66£82.79
Optimax OFH12 12mm 1 Tool £111.21 £105.65£100.08£94.52
Optimax OFH16 16mm 1 Tool £111.21 £105.65£100.08£94.52
Optimax QOS12 12mm 1 Tool £146.67 £139.34£132.00£124.66
Optimax QOS16 16mm 1 Tool £146.67 £139.34£132.00£124.66
Optimax QOS19 19mm 1 Tool £334.35 £317.63£300.91£284.19