Jiffy AirKraft Mailers JL5 Gold 260mm x 345mm

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* Pack Quantity: 50 Mailers
* Internal Dimensions: 260mm x 345mm
* Lightweight Astro Suprabubble Protection
* Manufactured from Golf 92 gsm Paper
* Self-Seal Strip

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The retail favourite, Jiffy Airkraft is a lightweight, economical mailer that gives you all the protection you need with the added benefit or reduced postal costs by using super lightweight 92 gsm paper. Jiffy Airkraft has a fully laminated lining of Astro SupraBubble for extra strength and puncture resistance with a strong self-seal closure. Perfect for mailing items that are susceptible to impact during transit, ideal for fulfilment houses, mail order and contract packers. 260mm x 345mm

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