Brown Fragile Shipping Kits

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* All Prices exclude VAT
* Pack Quantity: 50 Kits plus 1 roll of Fragile Tape
* Each Kit comes with a set amount of Postal Boxes and the correct amount of Foam Inserts to line them
* Every order also includes 1 roll of Fragile printed tape for sealing the boxes
* 178mm Length x 140mm Width x 52mm Height (ALL DIMENSIONS ARE INTERNAL)
* Two-Piece Interlocking Design Foam Inserts
* 48mm x 66m White Polypropylene Adhesive Tape printed FRAGILE in red

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Our Fragile Posting Kits have been designed to be an All-in-One solution for sending delicate and fragile items in the post. Featuring a sturdy outer box and a two-piece interlocking form insert which both holds the contents in place and protects them from shocks and bumps. Each kit also comes with a roll of Fragile printed tape to securely seal the box and provide a clear warning to couriers and handlers.
These Kits are great for sending small items like Warhammer Figurines and Models, Glass or Pottery items, Electrical Devices, Components and Boards and Jewellery. The boxes are supplied flat with folding and assembly required.

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