Made from Polythene, Each Pillow measures 200mm x 175mm Uninflated, 5000 Pillows per Roll, Void Fill. These Pillows are supplied FLAT on the roll and will need inflating with a machine. Air Pillows or Air Cushions are a form of void fill that is more effective and cost efficient than Polystyrene Chips and they leave none of the mess or dust associated with polystyrene making them more suitable for sensitive items like electronics. These pillows are supplied flat and uninflated on the roll so a machine will be required to inflate them and make them use-able.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* 200mm x 175mm Uninflated Size
* 5000 Pillows on a Roll
* Supplied Flat and Uninflated

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Polythene Air Pillows 200mm x 175mm15442/112 Rolls
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