Europa’s High Quality Polystyrene Mug Boxes are made from expanded polystyrene foam and offer protection to fragile cups and mugs whilst in transit. Simply place the cup in the circular receptacle with the handle in one of the corner spaces then place the other half of the box on top and tape shut. Save yourself the expense of damaged goods and returns by ensuring that your goods are protected with our Mug Boxes.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* Made from Expanded Polystyrene Foam
* Protects Fragile Cups and Mugs
* Internal Dimensions 100mm (height) x 90mm (width) x 110mm (depth)

Should you require a custom quantity not specified below, please give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to quote you.

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Polystyrene Mug Box 10oz19997/1212 Boxes
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Polystyrene Mug Box 11oz20105/1212 Boxes
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