Do you sell or ship palletised items? Have you had issues with items on the pallet being displaced or falling off during transit or loading? Then Europa’s SlipStop Layer Pads would make an excellent addition to your packing and shipping processes.

By including one of our SlipStop Layer Pads between each layer of palletised goods you are ensuring that the consignment reaches its destination intact and with no displacement of items during transit.

SlipStop Pads are more effective than commonly used corrugated pads as they provide a layer of friction within the pallet load that increases the Static Coefficient of Friction to 42 degrees. This enables you achieve an improved pallet load during transportation helping to reduce loss incurred through accidents or damage.

Sheets are available in either 950mm x 1150mm or 750mm x 1150mm, both of which are designed to fit comfortably within a standard pallet size and a variety of materials and specifications and materials such as corrugated, PE or Aqueous Coated sheets. Supplied in pallets of 5,000, our Layer Pads also offer advantages in terms of storage and efficiency; the equivalent amount of corrugated pads takes up twelve times more space.

SlipStop Pads are also an environmentally, recycled friendly product, being made from FSC recycled fibres in accordance with EU Directive No. 2004/12/CE relative to the recyclability of packaging materials.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* Two sizes to fit standard pallet sizes
* Pallet Displacement and Damage Reduction
* Variety of materials and coatings available

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