Europa’s Butz Disposable Cigarette Bins are a convenient and economical way to dispose of the mess caused by discarded Cigarette ends. Featuring a sturdy plastic Backing Plate that can be fixed to walls using either the screws and wall plugs provided or to fences and gates with cable ties (not provided). The Foil Tray simply slots into the backing plate and can be removed when full and safely disposed of. Ideal for use outside of Offices, Factories, Pubs or places where there isn’t a dedicated smoking shelter.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* Includes Screws and Wall Plugs for mounting
* Economical and Clean
* Reusable and Disposable

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Butz Cigarette Bins
Product Product Code Pack Quantity Pricing Your Order
1 Butz Cigarette Bin Backing Plate with 10 Foils11956/1-101 Plate and 10 Foils
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2 Butz Cigarette Bin Backing Plates with 20 Foils11956/2-202 Plates and 20 Foils
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3 Butz Cigarette Bin Backing Plates with 30 Foils11956/3-303 Plates and 30 Foils
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