Single and Double compartment boxes for takeaway burgers and kebabs. Made from 100% Bio Degradable and Compostable Sugar Cane Bagasse. These environmentally friendly, compostable products are made from plants, such as sugar cane and corn starch, and decompose fully into ‘compost’ without producing toxic residue during the process.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* 100% Bio-Degradable
* Made from Sugar Cane Bagasse
* Perfect for Burgers and Kebabs

Should you require a custom quantity not specified below, please give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to quote you.

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Bio-Degradable Takeaway Boxes
Product Product Code Pack Quantity Pricing Your Order
6″ Burger Kebab Boxes Pack of 12591120/125125 Boxes
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9″ Burger Kebab Boxes Pack of 10091121/100100 Boxes
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9″ x 6″ Two Compartment Boxes Pack of 12591124/125125 Boxes
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