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500 Gauge Polythene Bags

500 Gauge Polythene Bags

Europa's High Density 500 Gauge (125 Micron) Polythene Bags are food grade, open topped Polythene Bags that come in boxed dispensers for easy opening and storage. Manufactured from strong and durable polythene, that offers protection from dust, dirt and moisture. These bags are also suited for use in fridges and freezers making them ideal for food storage and preparation. Five sizes available.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* 500 Gauge (125 Micron) Medium Density Polythene
* Suitable for Food Storage
* Ideal for Fridge and Freezer use

Should you require a custom quantity not specified below, please give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to quote you.

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Name Pack Qty Pack Price Price (5+)Price (10+)Price (15+) Qty  
Polythene Bags 500 Gauge 4" x 6" 1000 Bags £19.42 £18.92£18.43£17.94
Polythene Bags 500 Gauge 7" x 9" 1000 Bags £31.70 £30.59£29.49£28.38
Polythene Bags 500 Gauge 10" x 12" 1000 Bags £50.83 £49.71£49.60£47.49
Polythene Bags 500 Gauge 10" x 15" 1000 Bags £58.46 £55.73£53.01£50.29
Polythene Bags 500 Gauge 20" x 30" 1000 Bags £215.70 £206.41£196.13£185.85