Are you unsure as to what your business or products packaging requirements are? Are you looking for areas in which to improve the cost efficiency or environmental friendliness of your packaging? Europa Industries can help with our Packaging Consultancy service.

With years of experience in the packaging field and a good understanding of what customers require, Europa is well placed to assist you in identifying areas in which you can improve your packaging usage.


Having supplied a range of customers from the avid eBayer to large blue-chip companies, Europa has a keen understanding of how important cost and cost reduction is. Packaging is usually an area where this can be improved. We can help you reduce the cost of your packaging by showing ways to increase the efficiency use of your current packaging, suggest less expensive materials or reducing carriage costs by utilising lighter or more compact packaging solutions.


With our comprehensive knowledge of packaging materials, we can help you design better packaging solutions for your products, produce custom packaging items that feature your business or products details and introduce you to a range of materials that may offer improved cost, efficiency and quality over your existing packaging.

Environmental Impact:

With growing concern about the impact we have on the environment and tough environmental legislation being introduced at an ever increasing rate, it is important for businesses to ensure that their outgoing packaging meets these new standards. We are in a position to assist with the identification of packaging that falls short of these standards and suggest suitable and cost effective replacements.

To use our Packaging Consultancy service and to arrange for one of our packaging consultants to visit your premises to assess your current packaging use and identify areas where improvements could be made, simply phone our sales hotline on 01507 610900 to speak to a member of our team.