Whether you’re a small-scale manufacturer or a growing e-commerce retailer, storage challenges can significantly impact your business, and by no means positively. At Europa Industries, we have analysed such challenges and today we want to offer you our quick guide to overcoming storage challenges. In this guide, we’ll explore common storage issues and then explain our solution to help your business run smoothly.

Inefficient Use of Space

The Challenge:

Many businesses struggle with inefficient use of storage space, leading to overcrowded warehouses and increased operational costs.

Our Solution:

We offer customised packaging solutions designed to maximise storage efficiency. Our packaging experts can design compact and stackable packaging solutions that optimise your warehouse space, allowing you to store more products in less space.

External Storage Costs

The Challenge:

Businesses may have an inadequate amount of space on site to store products and/or packaging. Due to this, they may opt to pay someone to hold their inventory externally. This can result in high cost, and may even result in your inventory being damaged while being handled.

Our Solution:

When you order from us, we can arrange a stock hold, which essentially means when you purchase with us, we will hold a proportion of your stock for you, until you need it. When needed, you can then make the most of our free delivery and have your inventory shipped to your door!

Slower Production Times

The Challenge:

Businesses may find themselves having an extremely good month where they sell lots of products; however more products means more boxes used. As a result, the business then decides to place a new order of boxes, however deadlines can’t be met for the boxes being made and shipped. The business could find themselves at a standstill with fulfilling their orders due to a delay in their new boxes being made.

The Solution:

We mentioned earlier about stock holds that we offer, which is a simple solution once again for the above. The boxes are already made up and ready to ship out to you, using our free delivery service. This means no delay in your customers orders, and minimises poor feedback from customer.


At Europa Industries, we specialise in helping our customers by solving their issues, in this case overcoming storage challenges.

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