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Foam Corner Protectors

Foam Corner Protectors

These foam edge and corner protectors are designed to reduce the risk of an infant injuring themselves by cushioning any impacts by fitting along table and cabinet edges and extending 100mm along each length of the surface.

* All Prices exclude VAT
* Blue Colour
* Protects Corners from Damage
* Range of Edge Thicknesses

Should you require a custom quantity not specified below, please give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to quote you.

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Name Pack Qty Pack Price Price (3+)Price (5+)Price (10+) Qty  
Foam Profiles 60mm x 2000mm 50 Lengths £75.49 £71.97£68.44£64.91
Foam Profiles 35mm x 2000mm 90 Lengths £82.76 £78.87£74.98£71.09
Foam Profiles 45mm x 2000mm 80 Lengths £92.00 £87.65£82.30£78.95
Foam Profiles 25mm x 2000mm 140 Lengths £98.39 £93.72£89.05£84.38
Foam L Profiles 75mm x 75mm x 2000mm 105 Lengths £106.71 £101.63£96.53£91.43
Foam Corner Protectors 45mm x 100mm 300 Corners £113.55 £108.12£102.69£97.26
Foam Profiles 15mm x 2000mm 280 Lengths £131.74 £125.40£119.06£112.73
Foam Corner Protectors 25mm x 100mm 600 Corners £133.60 £127.17£120.74£114.31
Foam L Profiles 50mm x 50mm x 2000mm 240 Lengths £145.75 £138.71£131.67£124.63