Reduce, Replace and Recycle

With environmental concerns becoming ever more the focus the public and political debate, it is important for Europa Industries as packaging manufacturers and merchants to act in a responsible manner and offer environmentally friendly packaging products. We offer packaging solutions that are designed to reduce the amount of packaging waste going into landfill by following three simple guidelines; Reduce, Replace and Recycle.

Our efficient packaging products are designed to reduce the amount of packaging required either by incorporating more than one type together or by producing custom packaging materials that exactly fit the needs of a product. These methods also reduce wastage by eliminating the use of excess packaging.

Replacing the type of packaging used can also have a beneficial effect on the environment. Helping you to switch to Bio-Degradable products, use only packaging sourced from recycled materials or offering suitable alternatives to packaging containing harmful materials are just some of the ways Europa can help you minimalise your environmental impact.

Recycling is of increasing importance and as such almost our entire range of packaging supplies is fully recyclable. We also manufacture packaging made from recycled materials such as our Cardboard Boxes to reduce our environmental impact and are always on the lookout for new packaging solutions that complement our environmentally friendly policies.